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21 Oct 2011

Jaco Roos

Now, where do I start...?
In the recession, most self employed business owners had to battle for every transaction, every last cent.
Some survived to tell the story, and some did not!
We were some of those less fortunate ones who did not survive to tell our fairy tale story of success after the great recession.
We went out of business with a boom, lost everything that we owned, including our house that was about to go on auction.
We decided that we are going to buy the property back if possible.
The house went on auction one Friday, a friend of a friend agreed to pay the auctioneers deposit on the day of the auction, which was if the hammer falls on us...
And, as destiny had it, we got to buy our beloved house back at the auction! The deposit was paid and the enormous task of securing a bond was ahead of us.
The following Monday we contacted one of the Better bond companies with the great news that we have secured our own property at the auction, and that we were in urgent need of a bond for the outstanding amount.
As requested we have sent all info, (including underwear sizes) to this Better Bond company with the greatest of believe that before the 21 day deadline (in the auctioneers contract) to secure the bond we will be having something to celebrate about.
With this Better Bond Company having all the documentation needed, we started to relax and waited for answers from them.

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