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30 Oct 2011

Jarina Crause

I was married to a rolling stone - and he made me and the children roll right along with him. For 11 years we moved all over the place, always renting, and moving along to the next place, changing schools and jobs - no stability at all. Then, when we got divorced, I realised that I will be the one responsible for giving my children some stability. So I bought a house. Not with SA Home Loans yet, but with the help of my sister and her husband's co-signature on the bond application, I managed to find a home for me and my kids. It was difficult. The interest rates went up and I did not get my maintenance payments on time - almost lost my house. With the help of my family, I managed to keep my house. Then I had a light bulb moment! I needed to get my sister and her husband's name off my bond and home registration certificate - that meant refinancing. The first place I went to was SA Home Loans. They approved my bond application, and the process started. It took a while for all the legalities to be processed and paid and sorted out, but last year July, my bond was registered in my own name. My bond repayment is lower than it was with the previous bond holder - I can't even rent a cheaper place than this :-) Every time I come home, the sense of accomplishment is tangible. My house, my dream - and thanks to SA Home Loans taking a chance on me,

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