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30 Oct 2011

Maupi Monyemangene

It all began at the height of the recession is early 2009. After settling some debts accrued due to some life challenges, my wife and I felt we were ready to take the ultimate step (not marriage, we had already walked that rocky yet blissful road). Anyway we felt it was time to have a home we could call our own. We had been renting a townhouse for four years in this serene and spacious complex. Could we afford one? We thought not and looked in the surrounding areas. So the search began. We looked around. We searched and searched and every property was better than the previous one. However there was one thing that was not coming right. From giving 110% loans the banks had become stingy as they saw world markets crash. It all started when international banks who had given loans to so called risky clients were closing down as clients were not able to pay the banks back. Back home South African banks tightened their belts. The 100% home loan became history. The best you could get was 85% to 95%. Our search for a loan was thrown out by the four big banks. To say this was frustrating would be to put it mildly. We were devastated! People predicted that the recession would last for over three years. It seemed we would never own a house we call home. Just writing this down takes one back to those dark days! Anyway, just when we had given up all hope, somebody mentioned SA Home Loans.

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