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Western Cape

31 Oct 2011

Jason Meachin

I recently decided to approach SAHL for further funds to make some home improvements due to the unexpected arrival of a baby boy! My daughter is already 17 years old and on her way to med school next year so a newborn was literally a hell of a shock. I was planning on doing an extension to the home in any case and have been trying to save money on a monthly basis. However, as most people would have experienced, something always comes up when you are trying to save money, a broken car, tyres, a geyser, electrical issue etc and this erodes the goal you had of saving. As my story began, I contacted SAHL during the course of October and was greeted with a friendly person who within minutes sent me the necessary forms! During the same day, I was contacted by Samish of your Durban office and he handled all of the paperwork. Within two days of my decision to apply for extra funds, the money was in my account! Fantastic Service indeed!

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