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Western Cape

28 Aug 2012

JD Janse van Rensburg

The day I picked up the phone and placed a call to SA Home Loans in Cape Town, I was in no mood for long stories and loads of bull. At that stage, my bank was stuffing me around for an extension on my home loan for six weeks, I was ready to climb the walls and I had limited time left in my lunch hour to come up with a new plan of action. My call was transferred to Beverly Jacobson who listened to my frustrations and then offered to take the head ache out of switching my home loan, provided that I give her a fair chance and forward her all the information and documents that she asks for. Beverly's direct and full disclosure approach appealed to me and over the next two weeks I became putty in her hands. Whatever Beverly asked for, she got. We spoke at least once a day on the telephone and in the evenings I would be typing letters and emails to provide clarity on some of the items listed on my application form. We had a lot of hurdles to get over and together we started jumping them one at a time. I cannot speak for Beverly but along the way the thought crossed my mind once or twice that this was taking up a lot of time and effortwhat if the home loan is not approved? What will my next plan of action be? And most importantlywhat will Beverly get for all the time shes put in if this does not work out?

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