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28 Aug 2012

Reema Singh

My story feels like relating a dream. When we leave to our jobs each day, we go back to the reason we left home in the first place, our families. In my case, SA Home Loans has proven that they had my family's interest at heart. Due to unforeseen personal challenges, which we all face at some point, I found myself in need of financial assistance, to pay my son's 2nd year varsity fees and settle other debts and restart on a healthier budget sheet. I approached the bank that held my home loan for 18 years for a further bond. It was a clinical and hostile consult, and I was presented with a negative response within the confines of the National Credit Act, legislations, criteria etc. There were certain barriers that prevented me from qualifying for a further bond, which were brought about due to marriage regimes and not due to my own actions. Time was closing in on me, and I tossed between the options of selling my home, in order to raise my son's fees or disclose to him that he could not continue into his 2nd year because I did not have the funds. I called SA Home Loans; without any hope I might add, and my call was answered by Rishen Sukraj. From point of 1st contact, Rishen embraced my application, which had so many challenges, with respect, communicated with professionalism, listened with patience and advised me with compassion.

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