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25 Oct 2011

Jenelle Goudie

We were forced to leave the UK in Sept 2009 when my husband was made redundant. We left behind our very first home purchased and most of our belongings. We were devastated, and returned to South Africa with no home, no jobs etc. I was fortunate enough to find work within a week of landing back but we had to relocate to Cape Town, we had landed in Durban to stay with my husbands family. We found a one bedroom granny flat to rent which was a tight squeeze for two adults and a toddler, but we had to make do. It was at this time that we also found out that my husband was in Chronic Renal Failure and had to go onto a waiting list for a kidney transplant. As a family we felt we just couldnt take anymore drama, something had to give. About five months later I was doing well in my job and we decided to start looking to rent or purchase a property that was more for us, size wise and area wise. We came across the townhouse we currently live in, but the owners wanted to sell not rent. SA Home Loans was recommended to us by a family member as being the best financial institution to contact, even though the Estate Agent was pushing for FNB and Standard Bank. Standard Bank came back with an 80% bond and FNB declined us due to being out the country for over six years. They felt we didnt have enough credit history; SA Home Loans though came through for us in more ways than one. Not only did you give us a 95% bond, but the rate is at what we can afford.

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