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25 Oct 2011

Kim Fourie

My husband and I were so tired of always fixed up someone elses house, so we made the huge decision to buy. We did not want to live in town anymore so started the big hunt for a plot in the country. After about three months of looking, we finally found a beautiful plot out Randfontein way. We were so excited, it was the first time we were going to buy a house that we could make our own. So off we go to the Estate Agent and filled in all the form, the application was sent to all the banks besides SA Home Loans. (why I could not tell you). We waited so long for the any of the banks to come back to us; we lost out on the plot we wanted to buy. We were so disappointed, but started looking again, lucky we found another plot that we liked in the same area. This time our agent applied to SA Home Loans. WOW what a difference, we had news from SA HOME LOANS within days. We were so blown away; we had an approval and could go ahead with all our plans to buy our own home. SA Home Loans staff were amazing, helpful and extremely friendly and made the whole scary process a walk in the park. We have now been in our own home for just over 2 years - THANKS TO SA HOME LOANS!

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