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09 Jul 2020

...You never misinformed me, all your advice was on point.

Jimmy Mashiane

I want to take this opportunity to thank Ayla Beckley for all your assistance through the bond application. In fact, you never only assisted me, but you held my hand right through the process.

The way you made(what I consider a difficulty) the entire application process such an easy path through which we progressed, is so commendable. The highlights throughout this process was the way you involved me through constant feedback and responses. You never failed to say, "Thanks Jimmy J" on every document or response I made. Seeing and hearing you say (Thanks Jimmy J" humbled me so much.

I wonder if SA Home Loans is aware of what an asset you are to them. I would never shy away from recommending anybody to SA Home Loans through your exceptional and above-expectation service offering.

You kept involved in the process and you were in control. You never misinformed me, all your advice was on point. Keep up the good work.

South African economy needs people like you. I will quote you in my Masters Thesis on MBA next, only if you allow me to.

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