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11 Dec 2015

Johan Steyn

We bought our house through Nedbank 2 years ago but nobody would help us to recover from the R50k deficit that consisted of the Transfers and Bond Fees. FNB "helped" us by lending me R50k at 31% interest (interest rate was not disclosed when I signed the loan). Then with the FNB expense added every month, I started eating at my Nedbank credit card. This also ended up at R50k. NOW we were in deep. With no way of convincing Nedbank to help us consolidate, we were slowly being swallowed by debt. Then SA Home Loans was called and with the assistance of Rishen, we applied and we got access to funds to consolidate our debts -most of the big ones. Bye-bye FNB loan-shark at Killarney Mall. Bye-bye Edgars payments of R4000 per month. Thanks SA Home Loans, you helped us to survive in a time when our lives would end badly. We love SAHL !!!

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