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09 Dec 2015

Lillian Robinson

Well as a single parent I was looking for a house for the past 2 years, after renting houses for almost 3 years and never quite had the opportunity to buy a house of my own. Ive been let down by the major banks and last year I just took my last chance to register through an agent believe me not I went there with no hopes. SA Home Loans made my dreams come true, when it gave me a 100% loan, it was really unbelievable. it was one of the biggest moments of my life when that approval of the loan came through. Believe you me, this year I was turning 40 years of age and this was the best birthday gift ever; when I got the key to my house on the same month of my birthday. This made me the happiest woman ever. Till today I just love my house each and every moment it and celebrated my birthday in my own house. I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for the excellent, professional service received from you. I really appreciate your friendliness, kindness and patience. I will definitely recommend SA Home Loans to other people. Thank you once again.

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