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09 Dec 2015

Rejoyce Serumula

My name is Rejoyce Serumula. I'm a single mother of two children. I'm 33 years old. My story started in 2011. In 2011 I called cosmopolitan houses looking for a house in Dawn Park. It was a matter of calling at the right time; because they was a house readily available as the owner of the house had just lost his job and he needed the house sold as soon as possible. That was good news to me as the agent told me that I was a good candidate for the house. Unfortunately after the application for the bond I was rejected because my credit score was low as I did not have any accounts at the time. The agent advised that rather I 'rent to buy' this house, stay in the house for a year whilst I built up my credit score and pay R5200 per month including lights and water and we'll try to apply for the bond a year later. In 2012 the sheriff of the court comes to the house to say the house is going on auction. I was surprised because I always paid on time and have been paying into the account the agent gave me. Two weeks later the bank evaluator from FNB came to the house to confirm the auction and then said the house was in arrears with R40 000. When showed him my proof of payments. He then gave me contacts of the owner and see if we can make a plan, because I have never met the owner and I always dealt with the agent. It was sad to realise that I had been scammed of a years worth in rent. I needed to make a plan because my children needed a home. 

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