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09 Jul 2012

Joshua Aaron Mpete

It was my dream 20 years ago to be married and live in the house of my dreams. When an opportunity arose for me to possibly live in that house, I was disappointed by various banking institutions and was warmly welcomed by SA Home Loans! I have two boys who always fought over a bedroom - the young one would always tease the older brother about who owns the bedroom. Today, they no longer share one bedroom but instead, each one of them owns his place of freedom. Thanks to the hospitable and warm sense of welcome that was showed to us by Mark, whom I met only telephonically! My wife and I had a breather after being accepted by SA Home Loans. Today, we are proud to go to a house we proudly call: HOME. Well decorated and everyone feels at home. Thanks to SA Home Loans for making my dreams come true. SA Home Loans has assisted me to live my personal life motto: ONE LIFE! LIVE IT. Mark! Uyiskhokho mfana! Thank you SA Home Loans.

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