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09 Jul 2012

Victor Nefale

A sad story from me, I was staying in a Nurses home for about 7yrs whilst I was busy looking for my dream house. At the Nurses home, they had chased me with my family and it was tough because all the banks had declined to offer me a home loan to buy a house. I still remember having had system declines on my application and was told to wait for six months before reapplying. I wasted about R10 000 paying one lawyer, who promised to help me get my dream house and he failed. It was then that I gave up hope on my dream house and I took my family, my two boys, my wife and I went back to the family house in Soweto. It was not easy at the family house as we kept on fighting because of no privacy and no respect. I just want to say thank you to Steven Property who submitted all my application details to you and you didnt give me problems. Now Im staying in a very nice house with a very big yard this is more than a dream house. SA Home Loans, I want to say thanks a million, youve made me a proud and respectful person to everyone, including my family. Now Ive got peace of mind and Im enjoying living in our new home with my family. Keep up the good work of helping all the people.

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