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06 Mar 2015

Judith Ntswaki Kabuya

Wahoo! What good service we got from Zain, our home loan consultant. In 2014 my husband and I started to look for a house. After a getting our dream home, we went through loan applications with all the banks, including the one my husband and I use and they declined our loan application. Our agent Susan advised us to try SA Home Loans. At first I did not trust SA Home Loans as it was the first time Id heard about you guys; but my husband insisted that we apply with you. I couldnt believe the short process that we went through compared to all those banks. Within two weeks SAHL sent us an Approval in Principle and almost immediately after we signed, our home loan was approved. What I like with SAHL, till now, we always get phones call just for to find out if were still happy with our home or their services. Due to their good customer services, I suggested to my husband that we should also apply for a personal loan from them and within a day it was also approved. You choose your own pay back plan with very, very low interest. In fact you wont even realise that there is any interest there. SAHL IS ROCKING.

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