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Western Cape

05 Mar 2015

Moegamat Yusuf Alawie

So it all started in 2014 August we were looking for houses. A while already and eventually found one we were happy with; we eventually applied through the agent and went to all major banks. I was declined very sad. I told this guy let's try SA Home Loans and that was probably the best idea I ever had and will ever have. I dealt with a guy by the name of Paul. Wow! That guy bent over backwards for me. We went through so much paper work and back and forth e-mailing but eventually I got my home loan. In my opinion theyre the best home loan guys in the business. After being declined by the banks, I was down and out thinking I would never be able to put my family in our own home; but thank goodness they made it possible. There was so much excitement when Paul called to say, "You are approved"; actually he first started by saying, "should I make your day" and by God he really did! Ill never forget the service I got, and I'll always be grateful to SA Home Loans. Thanks guys.

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