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05 Jul 2012

Karl Schuttler

I worked for the blue bank (home loans division) for 5 years and I had a home loan at the green bank for 4 years. I paid off a substantial amount at the green bank. When I sold my property, I applied for my latest home loan at both the light blue and green bank. I was shocked by the treatment I received. My wife is self employed and has a successful business. You would have thought that she was a criminal the way they assessed her and treated the both of us. The service from the other two banks was not that great either. My wife was self employed when I worked at the light blue bank and when the green bank gave us the original loan. In fact her business had grown considerably. The kept declining based on the fact that they felt that my wifes company was not stable. A friend recommended SA Home Loans. 3 days after handing in my documentation, I had an approval. SA Home Loans had no problem with the financials my wife submitted and shortly after that I had a final grant. I value great service and communication is key. SA Home Loans.... you rock!!!!! Thank you for your excellent service.

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