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Western Cape

05 Jul 2012

Sylvia Swanepoel

My experience with SA Home Loans I phoned the consultant, Amanda and explained to her that I had just gotten divorced and needed to buy a house. She immediately mailed me all the documentation I needed and made an appointment to come and see me! I didnt have to drive anywhere, sit in waiting areas etc., she came to my office and went through all the paperwork with me. After a week or so my bond was approved in principal and I could then start looking for a house. Needless to say, I looked at many properties and the one I finally settled on was an insolvent estate. I explained to Amanda that it might take a while for the estate to be sorted and according to the attorneys dealing with this estate; registration would only take place in a few months. Wishful thinking, it took a year and 3 months for everything to be sorted and registration finally happened. During all this time, SA Home Loans kept my bond application open without any problem and when the registering attorneys filed, everything went through without even the slightest hiccup. In closing I would also like to add that after 29 years of banking with my bank where I have an existing bond, credit card, investment account, personal and business account and also had vehicle finance with a squeaky clean track record, they were not prepared to give me bond. 

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