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North West

20 Jan 2018

...thanks to SA Home Loans, I can say I am a homeowner...

Kirchner van Deventer

As a young(ish), working adult I didn't imagine I would be able to afford a home at 33. The bittersweet truth is that I was able to put down a deposit with money I inherited from my father who passed away in 2015. He grew up in very poor circumstances and worked hard to be able to ensure that his children would have an easier life than his. However, buying the house turned out to be harder than I expected because I had voluntarily opted for debt counselling so as to better manage my debt. With the inheritance, I was able to settle all my debt and still have R200k to put down as deposit for a house. However, no one wanted to give me a loan because I was recently under debt review! Thankfully, SA Home Loans was willing to assist. But, even they required a bigger deposit than I had bargained for. Thankfully my mother was willing to lend me the required amount, but I have to pay her back within a year. So, even though I am a homeowner, I am currently renting out my house to tenants who cover my monthly instalments, thus allowing me to pay back my mom as well. So I might not be living in my house just yet, but thanks to SA Home Loans, I can say I am a homeowner and blessed with opportunities that very few South Africans have.

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