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20 Jan 2018

We were approved - no "you don't qualify" stories.

Vincent Motloung

Me and my wife struggled for 3 years to get a house. Banks couldn't approve our applications or if they approved then the interest rate was very high. We all know that to buy a house that is affordable in Gauteng is quite difficult. We found a house but security was not tight and we ended up losing our stuff due to house robbery. The house was not yet into our names as one of the sellers didn't want to sign the final paper and the house ended up being repossessed and we had to leave. We tried again to look for another house but banks kept on declining our applications. We had nowhere to go and agencies kept telling us that we can't afford. My wife was pregnant by then with twins and we were under pressure to find a permanent and safe place to stay. I then decided to apply on my own without a help of agencies. There was a consultant that I spoke to by the name of Sakhile and he was so friendly and helpful. We found a house with a price that was higher than the previous houses we had applied for. We were approved - no "you don't qualify" stories. The house was registered in our names the same day my wife gave birth and now we have our own house.

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