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16 Apr 2015

Larissa Moodley

After 10 years of dating as high school lovers, my husband and I decided it was time now for us to tie the knot. On the 27/12/2014 we were finally officially and happily married. To keep the peace between both of our families and us we decided the best thing to do is to invest in our own property. Also my belief is, why pay rent and make another man rich when you can invest in your own property which becomes an asset to you. So it was the hardest and most stressful time in our lives, to be saving for a wedding and purchasing a property. In October 2014 we saw a property we were interested in, as usual I applied with my bank and my husbands bank hoping to get positive feedback . After 1 and a half weeks with great disappointment we were declined for impractical reasons. We were both disappointed and it was coming closer to our wedding and the with the bond application being declined we lost hope. But I always said to myself, what is meant to be will be. I work in the Umhlanga vicinity and my route to work is the M4. Driving to work on the 20/10/2015 I was behind one of the SAHL car. The branding of the vehicle caught my attention. When I came to work I immediately applied online before the end of business I received and email requesting certain documents. During the course of the week I received a call from Elton Naidoo who took me through the process was very professional and friendly.

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