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16 Apr 2015

Naomi Mokhele

To say I was happy does not come near the feeling I had when my home loan application was approved, I honestly cannot describe the feeling. The one thing I remember saying was, Wow! Finally a heavy load has been offloaded from my shoulders. My story began five years ago upon realising that my daughter was growing up and that I would need a safer home and environment. The search for a new home, which included my daughter's request, "a safe place I can be proud of and invite my friends for a sleep over", began. I searched, applied to different banks and nothing came through. After five years I contacted a friend who works as an agent. She advised that I seek help from SA Home Loans, and I must say that was the best advice I ever received in my search for a home. In less than two months I received confirmation that my home loan application had been approved. Today my daughter is happy, I am happy and we're living in our dream home financed by the BEST, SA Home Loans. Thank you. The best I can do and am already doing is to 'pay it forward' by recommending SA Home Loans to friends and family.

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