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Western Cape

17 Apr 2015

Lee-Ann De Wee

Hi there, it's taken my husband and I 3 years to get a home. In 2012 we applied for a house and were told that we are declined due to debt, so we worked hard and paid up all our debt. End of 2012 that was a stressful year for us. So 2013 we apply for a different house and once again declined by all banks due to no credit history, so we opened up a few accounts and paid them religiously for most of that year. So 2014 we think all's good we have no debt, good credit history what can go wrong. Our third attempt at a house and we apply again, I'll give you three guesses (DECLINED,DECLINED, DECLINED) by all banks. I could not understand as we are first time buyers. I was so frustrated that day; we spent the day running around to all the banks asking WHY!! So there I am after the last bank on the phone with the sellers asking for more time, for them to just wait for us. I'm sitting there thinking about SA Home Loans and we get in the car and drive there. I think, what do we have to lose? We get there at the reception and my palms are so sweaty and I'm thinking this is it, our final chance. Out comes a lady to see us, her name is Amanda and my first words to her was, I need a house, please no one wants to help us. She asks for our paper work, took out a calculator and she was working out our affordability within 10 minutes. 10 minutes later she said that if our credit checks pan out they can give us a home loan.

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