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18 Apr 2015

Nodumo Ketani

In 2014, I was desperately looking for a bigger place to own which would be suitable for me and my two little boys. I started approaching few estate agents. In no time, I found a property that met my criteria. We started to fill in paper work and I approached the banks. They all turned me down. I started to be frustrated as I had already sold my smaller townhouse that I was staying in. As I was about starting giving up not knowing what steps should I take, the estate agent advised me to approach SA Home Loans. I just made one phone call and was assisted by a dedicated consultant. She explained the process to me and I started to fill in the paper work with no problems. Everything was very quick and easy. I was kept informed and received the approval within a few days. I got piece of mind and now I am staying in my new spacious beautiful house and the rest is history. Thank you to SA Home Loans.

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