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Western Cape

25 Oct 2011

Lindi Scheffers

My fianc (at the time) were looking for a home to move into when we got married. After much searching, we found the perfect little place in Bellville and upon walking into the entrance... we just knew this was the place for us. You know when you go into a place or you see something that you feel, has your name written ALL over it. We loved it, and immediately put in an offer to purchase. I had been with the same bank my entire life, with a very good track record, and my (now husband) had also been banking with that same bank for most of his life, also with a good track record...Devastation hit, when our bank would not give us a bond. We were so disappointed and right there just decided that it wasn't meant to be, and decided not to purchase. But you know when something is meant for you, God just knows how to make a way. We had not made any further attempts to look for anything else, nor made any other attempts to apply for a bond, when something inside of me said, "just go and find out if that place has been sold yet"... I got in touch with the agent who told me, MUCH to my surprise, that the place was still on the market! I thought to myself again, "THAT place is meant for us!", but of course, how to get a bond? Our agent said to me, "Why don't we approach SA Home Loans?" Well frankly, I had never even thought of it, and I will be honest and say that I was not particularly hopeful.

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