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25 Oct 2011

Subashin Gramani

Our story was not one that started off on a good note. After applying to several banks and bond originators, SA home Loans came through with the perfect offer with the best rates around. The day we got the news, was the day we got broken into in our previous HOUSE that we were renting. That did not dampen our spirits as we knew that we would be moving to our new HOME. Thankfully we were left unharmed, but the thought of our new approved HOME, kept us motivated and excited for the move to our new place. I still remember the kind words and brilliant assistance from Romalin who guided us through this journey. Normally this is a nightmare for one, but to this date (a year later) I still get calls from SA Home Loans, asking if all is good :) The date of approval was a week before my wedding and a week or two before Romalin's wedding as well, so I got my family a new home, and he got to start his. Thank you SA Home Loans for the brilliant service to date. Heres wishing you and your clients many more successful ones to come.

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