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02 Nov 2011

Lisa Botha

It all started years ago when I bought a Loft for my 16 yr old son and myself after the divorce. Thinking a 4 bedroom 2 bathroom and 2 garages would be big enough (382sq m) was soon a delusion. At the age of 16 everyone can imagine the many friends "popping over", so already the parking was a problem, because every time "someone parked on the curb of the complex, we got a fine from the Body Corporate. Anyway 2 years pass, and I meet "the one", "the soul mate", and after a year he moves in with his stuff. Now let me tell you his stuff is more than my stuff and thats ALOT of stuff (where he found space for it all I dont know), so space was already a problem. His son was over every second weekend, and my son got himself a girlfriend, so now the perfect size Loft is now too small for all of us. Anyway, with my son buying himself a husky puppy, and my boyfriend buying me a Cocker Spaniel we found that the animals had hardly any yard space, my son was battling with all the noise (cause he cant sleep to ANY noise), his son had no yard space to play in, and the space was no longer space, it was now the cramped up home where everybody was in each others faces, so we decided to put the loft on "for sale and buy the ideal home.

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