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Western Cape

02 Nov 2011

Charnelle Els

Since I work for a bank, I thought my bond application would be easy and successful. But I was wrong and my bank/employer declined my application. SA Home Loans came to my rescue not once but twice. The 1st time I applied for a small further bond on my existing bond with my bank, my application was declined. I then approached SA Home Loans who offered me DOUBLE what I applied for and it was APPROVED!!! With my 2nd bond I approached SA Home Loans 1st, hassle free my bond was yet again approved. The best part is that my bank/employer then contacted me to enquire why I didnt apply with my own bank. I simply told them that they declined my applications in the past. They said I should apply anyway, to see if they could better SA Home Loans offer....and guess what.....the application was unsuccessful. So thank you to SA Home Loans for excellent service!

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