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Eastern Cape

30 Oct 2011

Louis Barnes

I was transferred from Queenstown to Bisho. I travelled between towns on a Wednesday and weekends which was 320 km`s a time. I also rented property on a farm. All these expenses were a huge burden on me and at a stage of my life I realised that the financial burden of this all was killing me. I drove in my car and softly prayed to God to give me a sign. When I put on the radio the SA Home Loan ads came on and everything on the ad related to my problem. I immediately contacted the East London Office and I receive great service from them. I transferred my bond to them and they also helped me with some cash to settle all my debt. This is about three years back and my life made a complete turnaround for the best. I am now back in Queenstown with promotion and my life is great. I will never be able to thank you guys enough.

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