Rhodes Derah | SA Home Loans


30 Oct 2011

Rhodes Derah

My experience with SA Home Loans was extremely emotional. I wanted a property with a big enough yard to park my truck and my private car as well as do some little agriculture i.e. do some vegetables and keep poultry. I also needed a place in an urban area and not necessarily a plot. Guess what, when I spotted my current property and began to do the necessary applications with the different banks (which obviously declined my application); they claimed that there was no value in the property. Ironically the land alone was worth more than the property itself. Now the municipality has re-valued my property to more than one and half times the price I paid for it in 2009. SA Home Loans gave me a home and a future for my kids, big up guys. Its high time SA Home Loans opens its own commercial/retail bank, you have a massive footprint, and you are strategically positioned to rock the market. "I will do the Business Case, as well as be the Project Manager"

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