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Western Cape

20 Dec 2017

Lungisa Thomas Ntozini

Buying my home has been a long journey. I used to stay at a 1 bedroom house for the past 5 yrs. My sister moved to Cape Town and stayed with me, so you can only imagine how small the place became as I was staying with the mother of my children. So we started looking for a house to purchase. As a first time buyer you can imagine how clueless we were about what needed to be done. We went to the estate agent. They took my details required to apply for the home loan. Afterwards we went to view the houses that were being built. Not knowing, they made me sign an offer to purchase and I did . I saw another house on sale in went to view it she also told me to sign offer to purchase. At last I saw a house that will make me happy as my home. My agent send my application to four major banks and SA Home Loans . Two banks approved, afterwards SA Home Loans also approved me with a higher loan than the value of the house. Now it was decision time, two banks and SA Home Loans which I never dealt with before. But SA Home Loans came tops as they offered me 2% less on interest compare to the banks, They also offered me more money with no deposit needed whereby with the banks I had to pay 10% of the amount of the loan approved for. SA Home Loans also offered me "MY NEW HOME "online course guiding me on journey of home purchase and finance process to be stress free. As a bonus is got 1 gig of data after completing the course . # THOLA iGIG.

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