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27 Dec 2017

I feel like a winner already!

Manku Raseroka

I have been a young widow for 13 years. My husband passed on after we were married. Heartbroken, torn apart and frustrated I was yet had to pursue our dream of having a home for our family. Cutting the long story short.... I managed to build the house by God's grace. Unfortunately there were a lot of damages and areas that needed to be repaired due to the construction company that did not do a perfect job - I was obviously taken advantage of, being a single parent. Roof was leaking in almost 6 rooms (you can just imagine how I felt when it started raining while I was at work/when there was no one at the house) However, I made applications at several banks and they assessed the house and my application was turned down for the very same reason! The house was not in a condition to be regarded as surety. One day I discussed the situation with my elder brother, Tim, who has always been so supportive to me and he introduced me to my BREAKTHROUGH SA HOME LOANS! I then was assisted by my God given angel, Justin Pillay, who took me through the process and ensured proper and regular communication channels remained open for the purpose of the smooth running of this whole process.I regret not taking pictures of the house then, but will send current pictures of my SA HOME LOANS version soon. As for the 1% discount for government employees, it was just a cherry on top of the cake. I referred my colleagues, brethrens and relatives whenever the compliment the new look of my house.

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