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26 Oct 2011

Maims Andool

Last year I had huge fallout financially due to me trusting a friend and trying to assist him whilst he was in another country on business. I had applied for personal loans for huge amounts from various companies without thinking as I was emotionally blackmailed with his stories. The amazing thing is I'm a very cautious person by nature, but only the Lord knows why I fell for his stories. I got into such a mess & only after 3 months did I realize the seriousness of the situation! I then applied for a home loan through SA Home Loans and requested the transfer my existing bond to SA Home Loans so that all my debts were in "one house" so to speak. Due to my financial situation, I was rejected initially. I suppose SA Home Loans didnt want to take the risk at the time, as they could see I couldn't afford any extra repayments. By then, I hit rock bottom with stress and couldn't eat or sleep as I was afraid my home was going to be repossessed. For 6 months I stressed every month end & dragged my child into this mess & we could barely survive. After 6 months, I decided to approach SA Home Loans again for a reassessment as I needed to clear personal loans and pay back into an increased bond. I contacted the call centre & spoke to a consultant and was very honest with him as I needed someone to give me advice first hand. I was very embarrassed to tell him that I was scammed therefore, I was so desperate but he was very understanding & sympathized with me.

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