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26 Oct 2011

Shermalan Richards

Hi my name Shermalan, recently my future wife and I decided to get married, so we decided to invest in a home. Eventually we looked around and found our dream home as we were getting married soon. We approached a bond originator to help us finance our home, that was the biggest mistake ever as I had to make numerous trips to the banks for statements which was costing me money. Eventually after 3months they had a response from the bank that I do my banking with and it was unsuccessful.(they said I couldnt afford to make payments) I was running out of time and the seller was getting impatient with me. Then I decided to go to SA HOME LOANS and their consultants were so friendly and helpful, unlike the previous consultants at the banks .I spoke to Rob from PMB branch he was clear and specific with what documents i required. There was no running back to banks for anything and exactly 1 and half weeks later Rob gave me call with the best news ever, he phoned to congratulate me on becoming a new homeowner. We are getting married on 12th of November and because of SA HOME LOANS we are going to move into "our" home. THANK YOU SA HOME LOANS.

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