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02 Oct 2013

Mari-Louise Joubert

When we first saw "our" house it was love at first sight, we signed all the documents immediately and then the waiting started. We were so excited and anxious; we thought maybe we were aiming too high!! While we waited for the bond approval, we found out we were pregnant with baby no 2!! So excited! Then SA Home Loans gave us the good news that we were going to own our own dream home!! It was all very exciting, but the waiting continued, all packed up, but nowhere to go :( The plans needed to be updated, and would take up to 4 months, bla bla bla, and so we had to wait. The lady that assisted us from SAHL side was just as frustrated as we were! Then in September I went into premature labour. Our baby girl, Abbygayle, was born at 29 weeks and she was in NICU till 7th November. But good news, the grumpy owner we were buying from said we could move in and rent till everything was finalised. So we moved in on the 1st of November with enough time to prepare for Abbygayle's homecoming to her new home!!

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