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Eastern Cape

25 Oct 2011

Mark Sandy

My story is a long one but I will make it short and sweet. Starting out like most first time buyers all excited I approached various banking institutions. Most turned me down and I was lost as to how to buy a home for myself. A friend recommended SAHL to me. Having heard negative stories I went to the branch in Port Elizabeth. Needless to say I am on my second bond and very happy. Having lost so much to a divorce and being placed under debt review I still have my house. Most banks would have walked away yet SA Home Loans came back and offered an alternative. I can honestly say I feel part of the SAHL family. Even though I am battling financially they still endeavor to offer the best service possible under the circumstances. In my eyes and many other families I am thankful and will never move from SAHL. I will recommend any first time buyer and existing homeowner to approach this institution for peace of mind and service. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for standing by me. I will stand by you for as long as I can pay my bond.

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