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North West

13 Feb 2015

Martin and Abri Wiggill

In Afrikaans se hulle elke huis het sy kruis en elke hart het sy smart. In English they say every SA Home loan customer has a story, and this is my story! In the year 2013 my husband and I decided to re root to North West, as you all know there is alot of stress and hard work involved in starting a new life in a small town, never mind your own business, but so our journey began. I resigned from my job and started a business renting our house out in Pretoria and moved into a small flat at the back of our family home. This can sometimes be convenient though stressful, but we did our best. The financial implications to get there was high and we did not want to go back to Pretoria. Not long after, my previous company asked me to take up my job again as an agent for them; this was awesome as it meant that the stress would reduce because the income was more secure. By the middle of 2014 I receive a call from the couple renting our house saying they want to move. This meant that we had to find new renters or decide to sell; we decided to sell and buy a house in our new town. We started searching on the Internet with little luck, so we decided to drive around town and one Sunday after church we saw this beautiful house. My husband and I both looked at each other and said, this is it, this is our home. We called the number on the gate and that Monday we had the keys to look inside; 

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