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Western Cape

31 Oct 2011

Matricia Moses

It was some years ago, think in 2005 we wanted to extend our house, at that stage our bond was with Absa, financially we were fit to do so, but Absa decided to be full of nonsense. And what really make me upset was that they want to decide for us what amount to take and when to take money. At that stage I knew we have extra money, which we can pay into our bond. So my colleague told me about SA Home Loans who are so generous. At that stage I was so interested, because I knew that we want to extend our house. I've listened carefully while we talk about SA Home Loans. That same afternoon I phoned SA Home Loans, and immediately let them take over my bond. The next day I told my colleague (we normally took of the access funds from our bonds at ABSA) he could not believe it, because he just told me the day before, we were laughing (still smiling), he was really stunned! If I look back, today I can really say, I got what I was looking for, my house is bigger, when I see people in the same standard (class) of us, then I can really say, we are way in front of them because on our own we could never accomplish what we have today. We are very responsible, and always pray before we do things, and always plan and budget for what we want to achieved. I always had a dream to have a pool, this year April my dream came true! My next dream is to drive a Van, and we are currently working towards it, I give myself 2 to 3 years, for driving my Van!!

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