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Eastern Cape

31 Oct 2011

Anthony Hiscock

Well its all started a long time ago when both my wife and myself were pretty ignorant about housing loans. SAHL were their then to lead us through so that we could purchase our home. Seventeen years later we decided as most to sell our home and buy a dream home at the beach where when the time came we could retire and enjoy the finer things in life. We found our Dream home and proceeded to apply for a loan using our old home as collateral. After consulting with the SAHL agent about the process i joked that i would love to keep my old home for my children as part of their inheritance. The agent then immediaterly picked up the phone, spoke to her people and 6 months later i am at my dream home at the beach and still own my old house which is now generating an income for me. I would like in particular to thank the SAHL EL branch for their inovation not only to assist with a new loan, but also to assit me in making a very good financial decision which will benefit my children one day.

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