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Western Cape

31 Oct 2011

Mzwandile Solomon Velebayi

For the past 6 years my wife and I have been trying to secure a bond with all the financial institutions and to no avail. In 2010 we had decided not to look for any houses and planned to try again in 2011. While I was browsing the local housing adverts in my bedroom, I saw a house with all the amenities we wanted in Parow West. I showed my wife and immediately she phoned the agent and arrange for viewing. The first time she went for the house viewing I was not with her but had gone three days to view the house. We immediately phoned the agent and offered to buy the house and she arranged for us to meet. We signed the offer to buy, after a few days she came back and asked us which financial institutions she could approach for us and we both said please lets try SAHL. She called them immediately and arranged for us to send our details. The loan details were explained, and we thought this was the best deal ever so we accepted and now we are proud owners of a house in Parow West CT. SAHL offered the best and affordable premiums and home insurance that is quick to respond when putting a claim.

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