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06 Dec 2017

SA Home Loans has shined my shoes!

Mayvis Zwane

When you think of buying a new house, you might only associate this purchase with one emotion: excitement. It is an exciting time, especially when your hard work pays off and qualify for a South African Home Loan. I decided myself to choose SA Home Loans to finance me in my dream home which is something I don’t regret for even a single moment. Buyers are often surprised by some of the feelings they go through in terms of dealing with agents. A distinct benefit of buying a new property, especially if you are a first time buyer like me is exceptional. SAHL didn’t give me stress about my age instead they took me from A-Z up until my bond was approved. It was a nice feeling there were tears of joy and I pray all nights and days. Dealing with SA Home Loans officials was easy and I’ve already recommended my colleagues to use SA Home Loans and they are even interested in using SA Home Loans. Kenneth Hana is a real professional who cares very much for the people on everything. I am recommending SA Home Loans to anyone, not to my colleagues only who wants to buy and have a dream home just like me! I appreciate SA Home Loans initiative, and Kenneth Hana made sure that he updated me with everything. SA Home Loans has shined my shoes! I want to thank SA Home Loans from the bottom of my heart, I can't tell how much it means to me and my son to have this perfect beautiful home of our dreams.

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