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04 Dec 2017

...thank you SA Home Loans

Molebogeng Raphiri

I have been with my partner for the past 4 years and throughout we have always rented separate spaces due to the fact that she would "hop" from one NGO job to another, "P.S do not tell her I said that,lol". However in 2015 September she found her ideal job at a certain government department - the job was permanent and the working hours excluded nights and weekends. We decided that it would be best if we moved in together plus her son was now of school going age and it was hard for the grand mom to keep up with all the school activities. So, we identified an area around the East Rand in Spruitview. Since buying a home was not initially on our list we decided to first rent out a home and see how it all worked out. All I can say is that, renting has its perks because it gave us the opportunity to have that homely feel, we were able to identify furniture we needed for our home and we were able to have a little function after paying “Lobola” in June 16. But the downside was that rent was expensive (equivalent to a bond R4K pm), the electricity was illegally connected and the guy we were renting from insisted on storing his worn out cars in the yard and this was a perfect hideout for rats and unwanted pests. The less said about the number of times he would come into the yard to get parts out of the cars the better. As much as we were unhappy with our situation, we could not do much about it because I was working on contract.

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