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23 Aug 2017

Merwyn Touzel

Once upon a time, not too long ago my spouse and I were treading in unfamiliar territory. As fate would have it we were introduced to such an efficient, friendly, helpful and thorough lady named Ayla Beckley. With her guiding voice, clear instruction and persistent feedback allowed for the wind in our sails to get to our HOME, with SA Home Loans. As much as I can continue my fairy tale, which is what it felt like with the assistance of SA Home Loans allow me to express our story, simply. Ayla so swiftly assisted us with a bond switch and honestly guided us as we have never done this before. SA Home Loans assisted us with more than just a switch. They assisted us with the BIGGER PICTURE and for that, some burdens in our home were lifted. The attorneys and general speediness of this switch has really impressed us. The door swings both ways and knowing how important the switch was to us, we were equally prepared with all and any information that Ayla requested. It proves that working in a team, will get us both what we wanted. It is truly our pleasure to write to you on your page and I will be referring my friends and family in need.

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