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30 Aug 2017

Natasha and Nieland Kundon

Dear SA Home Loans We started dealing with Trenton Stretch in November 2016 when we began looking for a home. He was able to explain the process and assist us in understanding the requirements as self-employed buyers. We finally found our dream home and signed the Offer to Purchase at the end of July 2017. I sent Trenton an email to request bond assistance. I had Trenton under pressure from Day 1 because the listing agent decided to take in a second offer on the house. The agents made us feel pressure from Day 1 and had us under so much strain for the Sale. This didn’t faze Trenton. He remained focused, professional and incredibility patient and understanding. He kept us calm. The true value in his approach is true to the core purpose of SA Home Loans. He made our home REAL. We received the approval but needed the valuation at the 11th hour. The listing agent wasn’t making it easy. He was thinking of the higher commission on the other offer. Trenton went out of his way and involved Sashi Singh(Manager) so they could ‘move mountains’ for us. Trenton even called the attorneys, seller and evaluator to push our final letter because our offer expired yesterday. His service was nothing short of amazing. His dedication to getting our family our dream home is real this morning!!! During the past year,(this is a long time in the world of service) his service has been consistent, friendly and HONEST. He believes in what he does, like an ambassador. 

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