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Eastern Cape

21 Sep 2017

"This is the best service in the world!!!!"

Nieland and Natasha Kundon

We write to you to tell you our amazing story. I guess that was the start of the journey. All fairy tales seem to come with a twist as was our case. After the all the efforts of Trenton Stretch and Sashi Singh, we didn't get the house. The sellers decided to go with the backup offer on the advice of a very unethical estate agent!! We were destroyed and considered fighting the battle for our dream home. The team at SA Home Loans offered their support. At the end, we decided to cut our losses as to us, it meant that house was not the home for us. We didn't want that negative energy in our lives, nor did we want it associated with such an important life decision. That Sunday, we saw a show house that we loved. A bigger property with so much more for less and in a better part of the area. Our offer was accepted that day!! We contacted our consultant, Trenton Stretch, ON THAT SUNDAY NIGHT!!! I had to tell him. I was greeted with smiles and I could tell he shared our joy. SA Home Loans - this must have been the fastest process in HISTORY. We received final bond on the new property with a better deal in seconds. The estate agents were shocked!! The registering and bond attorneys have already contacted us. We've signed and received our documents. They are saying we can move in as soon as 1 November. We are overjoyed!!! What seemed like the end - ended being the best decision ever!!! Trenton was supportive and provided information and an ear for my constant venting. 

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