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03 Sep 2012

Mia Haywood

We are truly fortunate to have an organisation like SAHL looking after us first time buyers. I cant tell you how daunting it was to enter the buyers market not knowing very much about interest rates, bonds, lending and everything else that goes hand in hand in these grown up and complex matters. I never thought the day would actually come where I would find a property that matched my budget, let alone at an interest rate I could keep up with. After months of searching and visiting run-down and neglected fix-me-ups I was starting to lose hope. Then suddenly I found something spectacularly perfect for me. But as you know thats not where the journey ends, now I had to approach banks for my rate of lending. Being a single young woman you can imagine my restrictions in terms of repayment. Every bank I approached had stacks of paperwork to complete and at least a week to get back to me, at interest rates that would bankrupt me within months or at least ensure that I live off the floor for the next foreseeable future without furniture or basic living requirements. Then I approached SAHL, why I never considered them from the start I really dont know; maybe I thought they were too good to be true. Within 24hours after only pleasant dealings with my allocated SAHL Manager I was quoted the best interest rate I could have ever expected. 

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