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04 Sep 2012

Lettie Esme Buitendag

It all started on the 13 November 2011 when my brother suggested we should take over his house. On the 8th December the specialist told me that it could be our final Festive Season as a family as my dad suffers with cancer. My first stop - Standard Bank... The bond was approved virtually immediately but the rate that was quoted was outrages! I then decided to give SA Home Loans a call and we have never looked back. We had to use a conveyancing attorney which was not up to scratch but that was our decision... SA Home Loans supported us all the way. The rate quoted - I thought they were joking but yes, I have my house, I am making additional payments and am thankful that we decided to contact SA Home Loans. SA Home Loans tend to make things happen quickly, they are professional and although it was an intricate transaction, I always got the support I needed. And then, the empathy - THANK YOU, SA HOME LOANS, YOU ARE THE GREATEST!!!! And then to your attorneys, thank you for support Abraham Kriel Childcare - we share much more than homes - we share charities.

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