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04 Sep 2012

Lillian Ntoagae

I did not choose SA Home Loans, it chose me! Late 2009 I sold my flat and bought a small house just as preparation for my retirement. For some reason the transfer dragged on forever. By the time my sister passed in 2010, the transfer of the house was not yet complete. Needless to say, all of a sudden I had 3 children to take care of. I was renting a 1 bedroom flat then and had to find bigger accommodation to fit the instant family I now had. Finally when the house was registered, I thought we could make it work but quickly realised after spending R40K on house plans that I would be over capitalising on the house. The next option was to buy another house that will fit everybody. Needles to say, I was very confident that my bank of many years will give me no hassle but they were the first to decline my loan. Quickly the others followed. I was left very despondent and angry. By the time the estate agent suggested SA Home Loans, the expiry date of the purchase offer was looming and by the time SA Home Loans approved my bond, the property I had wanted so desperately was sold to another buyer. With disappointment, little tiny hope that the banks might decline the new buyer's loan, and the quick calculation that by the time she wakes up to the fact that SA Home Loans could have helped, I signed another offer to purchase on the same property and waited... 

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