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04 Sep 2012

Ricardo da Silva

Having recently graduated from varsity I was interested in investing some of my new found "wealth". I always liked the idea of purchasing property as a long term investment but I had heard countless horror stories of the difficulty in not only finding a property that suited me but the application for finance that I would inevitably have to go through. I approached my personal banking provider and needless to say it was all becoming a nightmare very quickly. In addition to the multitude of papers that I needed to fill in I was not given any feedback of the progress of my credit check neither was I informed of the approximate costs of the application and transfer duties. Getting frustrated with the perceived lack of progress and clarity I decided to approach SA Home Loans. At this time things were starting to get a little frantic as the seller was starting to doubt that I could get a loan approved in time. Immediately after placing a request with SA Home Loans I was contacted by a consultant who was both friendly and professional and understood that time was not on my side. He led me step by step through the application process, explaining all the finer details and provided me with a quote of all the costs that would be incurred. Not only were the costs greatly decreased with respect to other banking institutions but my application was approved and details sorted out within days and I was able to phone the seller and confirm that everything was in order.

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