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15 Oct 2018

I didn't need to pay a deposit for the bond that I was being given!

Mvangazi Jim Baloyi

After being declined by all major banks when I was applying for a home loan, it pained me. I felt like I failed to put a roof over the heads of my loved ones. I felt completely useless because I couldn't understand why I was being declined with the most important thing that would make me feel complete in life.

All major banks including the one I have trusted with all my monies through many, many years refused to trust me by offering the only thing that I have always dreamed of having( a house loan); but yet they wanted to give me personal loans that will keep on making my life a living hell!

It all ended when a friend of mine advised me to contact SA Home Loans to see if they could perhaps help me. I called SA Home Loans and spoke to Mr Navin Oodith who was so kind to assist me. He walked with me through this journey from the beginning with the applications and gave me the assurance that this would end with the joy that I have today. After a few weeks of 'hassle free' my loan was approved and to my biggest surprise I was given 100% loan - I didn't need to pay a deposit for the bond that I was being given!

I was also offered Transfer Assistance if I needed money to pay for the bond registration.

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